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dearkukula [userpic]

kukula's blog is moving

April 25th, 2010 (10:17 pm)

h friends.
I have made up my mind to start writing my blog but also move it away to:

I hope you'll join me there,

dearkukula [userpic]

Immurtal Artifact

December 10th, 2009 (10:02 am)

my upcoming show is called Immortal Artifact will be Dec 19th @ Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City. I hope you guys will be able to come because it will make me happy :)
I'm very nervous about this show because I started working on it about 10 month ago and I never work so long on one show. I wrote something "short" about this show for who ever is interested in the concept and the meaning of Immortal Artifact.

I began work on this show with the vague intention of dealing with the relationship between the consumption and production of art and culture. I have a great love for classical art and music from the Renaissance to Art Deco, those pieces with enduring resonance. But like many artists, I also collect all kinds of old objects. To these artifacts I am drawn because, like a death mask, they are the imprints of things that are gone.
Many people say that my characters resemble dolls. For me dolls represent immortal youth. But they are also the remains of something that has passed, and when they are antiques, of someone who has died. The first antique doll I bought was one produced by the German-Jewish firm Kammer & Reinhardt at the beginning of the twentieth century. While this delicate bisque doll survived two world wars, both the manufacturer and the original owner are gone forever. So the very immortality of any artifact is always reminiscent of the death of something intimately connected to it.
As I began making sketches for this exhibition I realized that precisely because art is immortal it is also morbid. Art survives—it carries within traces of its dead producer. So it represents not only the eternal, but also the ephemeral. Art becomes artifact. Being the crumby narcissist that I am, I have noticed that I produce art in order to leave my own artifacts—in other words, my own death mask. And so the whole process of painting becomes rather macabre, like writing your own requiem.
But the process is also vital because it always involves taking in cultural artifacts and giving them new life. The paintings in this exhibition try to hint at the obscure process by which culture flows in and out of individuals. In several paintings I use music to represent this flow. In others I try to represent the pain and sacrifice the process often involves; in still others the way in which artifacts quickly move beyond their creator’s grasp. As with the two figures holding a ribbon between them, the surgical forceps, pocket watch, teapot and teacup form an exchange of artifacts, but its direction and significance remains mysterious.

dearkukula [userpic]

where am I???

August 14th, 2008 (03:22 pm)

where was I? I was all over the world and all over the place. in mind and in body.
in the last 6 month I had some crazy getting along with my self experiences. first I got really exhausted after my Dreamcatcher show at I had in March thinkspace Gallery. before that I was visiting my family in Israel and when I got back I was so sad and had no paintings ready so I had tp look my self in my house and worked my self to insanity. so, when I got back from LA after this show, I crawled into my bad with my lovely cat and watched TV for two month.

then I had my wedding in May, and weddings makes you crazy! after that I went to Barcelona and south of France and then back to see my friends and family in Israel. all of that was so good that I had no reason to get back into reality. no thank!
what can I say, in Barcelona people are cool and they don't go to sleep ever I think. I liked it so much more then California that I got sad again...but the food really not great and I like food...but then France, the land of foie grae cheese and wine. but I don't know French so I couldn't really get a long.
Israel was all coffee and beach...and again, I got sad leaving.

ok ok...what now, I got back...sinch had a week vacation at San Diego Comicon and a short visit to NYC...but FUCK, I need to work... (pardon my French).

I have a show coming up in November at Copro Nason Santa Monica.

I made a bunch of paintings but I'm sharing only this ones with you...hope you like'm...please help me get back to work...it's so hard...
as you can see this show is about moving and traveling and some sleeping...I didn't have anything better to say I guess...I'm crossing the ocean all day long.

dearkukula [userpic]

new show is here

October 15th, 2007 (05:29 pm)

yeah, it's two days late noticed. but I still want to share with you my last show at shooting gallery in San Francisco. mirror mirror on the wall, it a three person show with Travis lewis, Kris Louie and me.
hope you like my new work.


Bru sisters

From Light

dearkukula [userpic]

who framed my kitty cat??

September 21st, 2007 (06:07 pm)


this is the moment I always waited for. I can finally almost afford my all time favorite dream, antique German/French dolls. the latest one is the big one. I'm inlove with her. I can't stop peeping into my studio and look at her purdy face. when I got her, her human hair wig was sooo dirty and gave her the look of a Jamaican singer of some sort...I think I did a good job repairing it. she came with no shoes and a dress that seems like she just came back after a long day of milking in the farm. but don't let it fool ya', she's wasn't any thing close to cheap...and now my sweet huby , wants to kill her and every one the see her freak out...

in progress...

who framed my kitty cat??

oh yeah, there's also the painting. it's almost done. I was inspired by the ambiguously pedophile photographer, David Hamilton. I'll post a better photo soon.
while I was painting, I left the frame on the floor and my cat really like to sit in it, don't ask me why...

dearkukula [userpic]

my favorite book

August 13th, 2007 (02:39 pm)
current mood: artistic

when I was asked to participate at the literature Show at the Corey Helford gallery, I felt doomed. obvious to all, my favorite book is Alice in wonderland, but who the hell am I to think that I can make a painting that going to live up to this wonderful master piece. so I decided not to do it. I know that one day when I'll fell like a master artist I'll do it, this day as yet to come.
my second favorite book is, Faust by Goethe. it's a story of an old professor that fell in love with a young women named Margaret. he sell his sole to the devil and in return he get to be young again and win Margaret heart. the end in very tragic and every body lose, except of the devil of course.
yes, this is definitely a great choice of book and I'm pleased with the result:
Faust (a better photo)

dearkukula [userpic]

(no subject)

June 18th, 2007 (09:57 pm)

current mood: awake

I'm working on a show that going to open on july 13th at Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle. the name of my show is "In My Last Hour" and the idea behind it is the last hour before of death. I think of death in a metaphoric meaning, as end and there for a new start. all the painting are like a snap shoot of a moment in the last hour, there for all my paintings are not big then 5"x7" photo. I will have only one large piece.
I want the show to feel like a funeral...maybe...I'm working on it...
this tiny paintings are hard to make as much as the big paintings, so I wonder if it was a good idea...but I sure do like my new work...they are very painful... I think...and you all know how much I like painful stuff ;p
but in the same time, this show scares me a little. I think I approached a new direction in my work and I'm not sure that people will like it. it's not as sexy as it used to be and less sleek...mmm...well, you'll tell me.

this is some finish and unfinished paintings from the show...more to come...

dearkukula [userpic]

kukula inspired photos

April 3rd, 2007 (10:57 pm)

current mood: chipper

this is why I got deleted from myspace at first place...I posted this link (not images) on my friends only blogs...
the photographer Ellen Stagg took this photos inspired from my work. you can't imagine how exited I was to see it...never thought I can inspire...only to get inspired.

the gift

to see more, check out this link:

dearkukula [userpic]

sad sad me...

April 2nd, 2007 (04:30 pm)

current location: berkerley
current mood: angry

I got deleted from myspace today. it's the 3rd time it's happening to me and I'm sick of it. yes it because I paint boobies, but this time it's because I posted a link for some photos inspired of my work, this photos are really great, and harmless. nothing bad as the ads myspace post them self everywhere. so I decided that I'll make this blog, for poeple that really care. and I'll care for them too.

note this:
my english is not perfect.

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